by The Anti-Queens

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released June 8, 2015

Produced and mixed by Ian Blackwood & mixed by Ian Blackwood.
Mastered and assistant engineered by Zach Gerber.
"Like A Flame" co-written with Ryan Guay (Street Pharmacy)
Guest Vocals by Sarah Blackwood (Ladders) courtesy of Columbia Records and Jen Blackwood (Quick Cure)
Recorded at LimeGreen Studio, Mississauga.
Photography by Lisa MacIntosh
All album artwork by April Moskal.

Copyright @ 2015 All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



The Anti-Queens Toronto, Ontario

The Anti-Queens are four friends from Toronto who write punk rock/grunge pop inspired tunes... Or as they more easily describe their band "6 tits and a dick with some instruments"

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Track Name: Halls Of Ivy
Say to me that I'm out of line
I feel like another dollar sign
Spending all my time confined in your goldmine.
I was told it would make me bright
To be chained in the fluorescent light
With a textbook bonded to my eyes.

Halls of ivy
Will always suck your soul

Weight on my back, I'm on my knees
Heart attack at twenty three
Would you trade your life for that degree?

I've been told I should stay there longer
I've been told there is more to conquer
I've been told that I'm none the wiser
I've been told I should have done it faster.
Track Name: Ladders (ft. Sarah Blackwood)
My life is too short now to worry for somebody else
Go find yourself another slave
To be your bitch for the lowest wage.

Statements over questions
There's no room for one more opinion
Statements over questions
There's no room for more room...

I've been climbing ladders to the top
Too close to jump off.

(Sarah Blackwood)
You should have put this on your list
Never rely on this
Haven't you ever learned the hard way?
Maybe I'll preach to you what I pray.
Track Name: Like A Flame
Light the match, toss it back
And you better start running
They're making slaves in a daze
Money pays but we're hungry ones
Incorporate then sedate all the lays and the common sons
And they take and they take and they take
Like there's nothing wrong
Oxidate, oxidate, oxidate cause we don't belong

Burn it up
Like a flame

Stuck in a cage, corporate rage
Not the age of the radicals
Higher rates that inflate
All the states and the capitals

They complain of disdain
And refrain from the taxable
Now we're chained to the blame
And the fame of irrationals
Track Name: Quick Cure (ft. Jen Blackwood)
I crept in corners around you
Invite myself into your living room
And it's not like me, no it's not like me
But it will have to do...

Red flags are out and the battle's begun
Trade your devotion for contention one by one
Hiding in wreckage by the home front
A representation of how incomplete I felt with you

Hauling a weight I have no use for
Your arms hang off my like a corpse
I've fought all my fight 'til there's no more
Forfeited so you'll up your score
Like a quick cure

Please don't give me the silent treatment
It's always louder than when you're speaking it
We both have had our flaws and weakness
Our strength was beaten, now it's a part we can't reposes

(Jen Blackwood)
Call your mom and call your dad
Yeah I'm the worst you've ever had
Track Name: Read My Mind
I've got the thoughts but not the words
To try to make you understand
It's not that I cannot decide
Or be upfront with what I like
It would be easier to hide...
Yeah, oh yeah!
So won't you...

Read my mind, oh won't you read my mind

My body language is so clear
Just like writing on the walls
Do I need to strip it all?
Yeah, oh yeah!
So won't you...

Read my mind, oh won't you read my mind
Track Name: 4 Tits
Singing 'cause I wanna
Not be because I gotta... hey!
I sense a forced opinion
Like I've been told what should make me angry
The only problem with feminism
Is I'm afraid to say anything

How should you feel
When you can't agree to what's yelled in your ears?
I've lived that life
For twenty years and I couldn't decide what I think is right...

I ain't got any ploys, I'm equal to the boys
Guess you could say that we've got 4 tits and...
I'm equal to the boys, I ain't got any ploys
Guess you could say that we've got 4 tits and a dick.

Do I have to choose a side?
I've always walked the middle line
I've never been one for political debate
But if there's someone telling me which road to take...
I'll know how to feel
And i'll never agree to what's yelled in my ears
Because I've lived that life...

"All through life there were distinctions,
Toilets for men, and toilets for women,
Clothing for men, and clothing for women,
But in the end, when everything is said & done
And our lives are over... The graves are identical.
Our fucking graves are identical"
(Quote paraphrased from Leila Aboulele, Minaret)